Security Solutions

Detect, record and respond

ISD Tech has a proven record of designing, installing, monitoring and maintaining video surveillance systems.

We work in partnership with the largest and most innovative surveillance vendors, who always highly recommended the standard of our work.

Upgrade your video surveillance

ISD Tech provides expertise in the design and implementation of CCTV and utilises the latest networked and high-definition (HD) video surveillance technology.

Upgrading to the latest HD and IP systems will help you improve your detection and response to suspicious behaviour; enable you to streamline storage; and reduce the retrieval time of footage from hours to mere minutes.

Benefits of video surveillance

  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Prolongs life of existing investments
  • Integrates disparate video across your multiple sites
  • Acts as a strong deterrent
  • Identifies security breaches
  • Uses sophisticated analytics to inform

ISD Tech for your video surveillance

We supply, install and maintain video surveillance to work with a comprehensive range of  commercial enterprises of any scale – including specialist retail environments and large international sites.

ISD Tech can deliver new systems, or recommend how you can upgrade your current surveillance capacity.