Effective and convenient security management

ISD Tech is highly skilled and experienced in the supply, installation and maintenance of one-card security systems across a range of industries.

Why choose one-card security systems for your intruder control?

One-card security systems enable highly effective management and monitoring of physical access across your property and estates. They are popular because they have many benefits.

General benefits

In all situations, one-card security systems:

  • Provide your users (customers, visitors and employees) with secure and convenient access
  • No need for separate supply of keys
  • Suitable for large workplaces and organisations – from hotels and campus environments to hospitals, leisure parks and retail centres
  • Add overall value to your business
  • Allow improved reporting and capture of rich data from every transaction or access
  • Collect invaluable intelligence to inform future planning, promotions and business strategy

Customised access benefits

In flexible, personalised situations, one-card security systems:

  • Allow individuals access to personalised services in multiple scenarios
  • Your individual users, customers and employees have their access flexibly restricted or enhanced, to include an infinite range of services or situations
  • Can be fully customised to create additional revenue streams and drive more value from existing services

However you deploy your one-card system, once installed the system enables cost savings through increased efficiency and productivity.

An innovative and creative security solution

The application of one-card security is boundless. Used across businesses and industries, this method has become highly innovative, creative and widely used. The list is growing, but examples of practical one-card applications include:

  • Electronic identification recognition
  • Time and attendance monitoring
  • Meeting room and desk booking
  • Car park management
  • Access to smart city and mobility services
  • Digital signage and location information
  • Loyalty, incentive, promotion and reward schemes
  • Event registration
  • Post-event email follow-up and document downloads