Rapid response; minimal disruption

Regular, on-site servicing is a thing of the past.

Today, ISD Tech uses proactive, real-time remote diagnostics to cover your back, every day of the year.

The ISD Tech Remote Diagnostics service is used on all new systems and older systems can be successfully re-engineered to comply. Remote diagnostics remove any guesswork from troubleshooting and maintenance. Instead, you are assured of a high ‘first-fix’ rate that minimises any downtime and disruption to your business or service. 

What are the benefits to re-engineering your current maintenance model?

  • Highly accurate fault notification – all day, every day
  • Comprehensive reporting and audit trails
  • Minimal site visits
  • Reduced costs

ISD Tech Remote Diagnostics will also:

  • Run automatic checks, 24/7, to keep your systems constantly optimised
  • Detect and report faults before they can compromise your protection
  • Supply confirmation that your CCTV surveillance, access control and electronic security equipment and network infrastructure are at optimal efficiency
  • Identify connection issues, camera failures, hard disk problems, reporting anomalies and recording faults
  • Reveal any sign of tampering or interference with your systems

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Remote Diagnostics

Rapid response; minimal disruption.

Regular, on-site servicing is a thing of the past.