Unified access and security control

ISD Tech solves cross-site access and security issues for large enterprises with multiple sites.

Many of our clients have extensive and dispersed estates. The multi-enterprise systems we design and install integrate networked surveillance, access control and intruder detection equipment with your core operational systems. This helps ensure business continuity and improve risk compliance.

Our innovative approaches will help your business to:

  • Integrate next-generation technologies with your current security and business infrastructure
  • Create new possibilities to run core business systems (including HR and facilities management) more efficiently
  • Cut costs and administration
  • Ensure customised upgrades to all integrated infrastructure, giving you greater value

Multi-Site solution examples

One-Card access control

Linking ISD Tech One-Card access control solutions to all HR and health and safety databases makes it easier to manage procedures for:

  • Time and attendance
  • Visitor access
  • Event registration
  • Car park access and charging
  • Cashless vending
  • Desktop login
  • Document downloads
  • Room booking

Wireless Locks

Installing ‘wireless locks’ means you can operate and control more doors across multiple sites by using access cards – at a fraction of the cost of conventional ‘wired’ locking systems. 

They also add extra reporting intelligence.

Minimal maintenance; maximum productivity. ISD Tech systems offer: proactive, real-time remote diagnostics; 24/7 fault notification; track and trace reporting; and detailed audit trails.

Our clients find our systems ease the administrative burden of meeting policy obligations including health, safety and environmental – and allow more work to get done.